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How to reduce car theft

Car crime can be a big worry for motorists and although the numbers are falling due to better and more sophisticated security measures fitted as standard by manufacturers, it remains a common occurrence.

Although it’s difficult to predict when a thief may strike, you’re best to remain prepared at all times. Follow these top tips to ensure your car isn’t a target.


If possible park your car in a garage – thieves are unlikely to target a garage as gaining access can be difficult as it’s likely they’ll draw attention to themselves.


Many modern cars come fitted with a factory alarm as standard – they’re useful, but thieves may have the knowledge to disarm these. Look into fitting an additional alarm, this will take a thief by surprise and will surely scare them off.

Tracking device

A tracking device will not stop your vehicle from getting broken into but it allows you to trace your vehicle if it is stolen. The on board GPS will alert the owner and police if any illegal movement is detected. Try placing ‘tracking fitted’ stickers in your windows to warn thieves. Fitting a tracking device might even bring your insurance down.

Hide keys

The most common cause of car theft is through keys being stolen in a burglary. Don’t leave your keys in an easy to find place – thieves have the necessary skills to steal keys from easy accessible place such as beside the front door, but if they do so happen to get into your house make it hard for them; investing in a safe is a worthwhile purchase.

Remove items

Don’t leave items on show, a thief will have no issues breaking into your vehicle to fulfill their needs. It’s not recommended leaving anything in the glove box, thieves will gamble breaking into a vehicle in the hope of finding your items. Take everything with your or leave it at home.

The most stolen items include;

Sat navs


Car stereos





Number plates

Power tools

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