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I spy, a BMW 4 Series in the pipeline

According to, BMW’s new 3 Series GT will actually be launched as an all-new 4 Series! It is thought that the 4 Series badge will place the new car closer to the 5 Series, making it a potential challenge to Audi’s A5 Sportsback.

The car is based on the new look 3 Series, so we can be fairly sure that the thinner headlights from the 5 Series will make a less than subtle appearance on the 4. Auto Express spies claim that the 4 Series will be available with the newest range of 4 and 6 cylinder engines and there is likely to be an AWD (x-drive) option.

The 4 Series will be launched with the new 3 Series range so we shouldn’t expect to get in the driving seat until 2014. Even Specialised Covers haven’t attained a pattern for the new car, which is a pretty good indicator of how much BMW want to keep this model under wraps. Not that the secrecy is of any consequence to competitors such as Audi. The 4 Series badge is a brand placement exercise so Audi and Mercedes can take some comfort in knowing that this car is still based on the 3 Series. The A5 is undoubtedly the better-looking car, but you can always count on BMW to surprise you with performance figures. 2014 is a long way off and Audi have their cards on the table; BMW still have time to alter their hand and surprise everyone.

Tailored car covers by Specialised Covers will be available for the new 4 Series in time for its arrival at your local BMW showroom.