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Innovative caravan designs we love!

Having recently created the Specialised Covers caravan mood board on Pinterest, we pinned a series of creative and unconventional caravans we couldn’t help but adore and would love to cover. We took a particular interest in the English Caravan Company’s design – with its British styling and smooth contours.

So following our love for this design, here’s a list of innovative teardrop-shaped micro caravans, which provide the perfect towing companion to your vehicle.

The Bed Bug - Info here

Shown above, and originally designed with trikers in mind, these cute Bed Bugs offer an alternative to caravans and campers – offering the customer a basic bed and roof-covering combo. Motorists can simply hitch up their trailer and set off for the weekend, and if they need somewhere to rest their head for the night – they can climb out the car and straight into their Bed Bug.

King Tiki – Vintage Trailor Company

The guys at King Tiki can build a completely custom and personalised vintage teardrop caravan, to suit the exact requirements of their customers. But they don’t stop there, their tailored caravans are produced using only the finest materials available – something Specialised Covers are very keen on!

So Cal Teardrops –

American based So Cal Teardrops build tiny, towable, airfoil-shaped trailers, styled on original designs from the 1940’s and 50’s. Not only do Specialised Covers appreciate their innovative designs, as they bring vintage styling to modern day, but their versatility of product is admirable – ranging from on/off road teardrops, right through to the Burner modern, which comes with its very own kitchen stove!

Turtle 1200 –

The Turtle 1200 offers something a little more modern. Complying with the original Teardrop design, it maintains this unique styling, whilst additional features such as tv’s, stereos and kitchen appliances, ensure you’ll never go without.

Caravans can be a nightmare to move, but the simplicity of these teardrop caravans allows for ease of manoeuvring – no reversing lessons are required here , simply-hitch up your caravan and simply guide it in place by hand. Simple.