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Is my cover leaking.

  At this time of year we are faced with the same question over and over from some of our customers. Is my cover leaking? You may step outside in the morning to check on your car or caravan only to discover that your vehicle is covered in water droplets. How has this happened? You specifically bought a waterproof cover from us to prevent this from happening and to protect your pride and joy from the elements. We promised you our fabric is waterpoof, not water-resistant. [caption id="attachment_6109" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Condensation Condensation[/caption] Well our fabric IS waterproof. Completely. What's happening underneath your cover is the same thing that happens to the grass when dew forms. When there's moisture in the air, like there has been these last few weeks with our typical British autumnal weather, the cooler temperatures we experience through the night cause that moisture to condense into liquid and that liquid then gathers in droplet form on the coolest surfaces. Those surfaces are often the inside of your house windows, on the grass, on spider's webs and also your covered car or caravan. It's a completely natural process and one that can't be avoided. [caption id="attachment_6115" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]Spider web in the dew Spider web in the dew[/caption] Fortunately, we thought of everything here at Specialised Covers and spent quite a lot of time and money looking into this very British phenomenon when we designed our fabrics. Not only is your cover waterproof, it's also breathable. We got all sciency with the development lab and together created a 3 layered, Moisture Vapour Permeable (MVP) fabric. This lets water out, but not in. [caption id="attachment_6111" align="aligncenter" width="1107"]Sciency bit Sciency bit[/caption] Now, if we hadn't developed our materials to be waterproof, then water ingress would happen and soak through your car cover, nobody wants that. If we hadn't made it breathable, then the moisture that builds up in the condensation process would have no-where to go and would start to go stagnant, allowing mould to form. But we did develop our materials with exactly this in mind and when the inevitable happens and condensation does form, when the temperature warms up through the course of the day, our clever fabric will allow the dew on your vehicle to evaporate away harmlessly into the ether. [caption id="attachment_6113" align="aligncenter" width="1782"]Our outdoor covers are waterPROOF Our outdoor covers are waterPROOF[/caption] So, no, your cover isn't leaking. No we didn't fib when we said it was waterproof and yes, we do have the solution for you. Don't panic when you go outdoors and your vehicle is wet, leave it a couple of hours and let the natural warming light of the sun do it's shiny thing and our clever fabric will allow that water to get back into the water cycle where it's needed. Heaven forbid we should run out of rain! That just wouldn't be British.