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Is the World ready for another Mini?

Recently, it seems every time we pick up our favourite motoring magazine there’s a brand-new Mini model. We’re huge admirers of the Mini brand; it oozes style, class and of course it represents British branding. But continual launches of new models and style begs the question. Will it ever stop? And when is the Mini no longer actually, mini?

Mini Cooper SD ALL4 Paceman

The latter question is raised here. Especially as the new Paceman directly rivals the Range Rover Evoque and Nissan Juke, both of which contradict Mini’s traits of remaining mini. However, it appears the BMW-owned brand is willing to jeopardise their brand ethics, to enhance their stance in a competitive motor industry. Regardless of the Paceman’s size, Mini believes there’s a market – in particularly motorists looking for the distinctive Mini styling with additional space. And for a brand that’s developed from the original Mini One back in 2001 to a further nine models to date, incorporating both traditional and cutting-edge aspects – it’s helped propel Mini as one of the leading car manufacturers today. But of those additional nine models, it’s not just Paceman that’s helped launch Mini into a new chapter. Mini Paceman

Mini Roadster

The two-seated Roadster’s closest rival is Mini’s own Coupe, to which it practically shares everything, apart from its folding roof. And in terms of excitement, there’s very little. Mini appeared to rush out this model, in an attempt to make a stance on the motoring market – a firm fist on the table to declare how versatile they really are. However, this model suggests lazy, impractical styling, so impractical there are no other rival models.

Mini Roadster

Mini Countryman

Another interesting addition to the Mini family was the introduction of the Countryman. Its received mixed reviews since launch in 2011, many critics blaming the controversial use of black alloys, striped bonnet and extra chrome for the Countryman’s downfall. But consistently strong sales suggest the Countryman is anything but controversial amongst motorists; the Countryman presents itself as a beefed up Mini One and it’s clear why Mini admirers have fallen for this particular rough diamond. Mini Countryman Mini’s grasp on the motoring market remains firm following the success of the Cooper, Countryman and Clubman. However for us, the term Mini will forever been associated with the small, compact and nippy iconic motor first launched in the 1950’s. And for that reason despite Mini’s attempt to revitalise the initial Mini One, we think they’d benefit from perfecting each release, rather than rushing into confusing, uninspiring designs.