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Is this the future for car covers?

This might well be the future of the car cover. Well that’s how industrial designer Hakan Gursu imagines it following the creation of the V-Tent. The V-Tent is a collapsible, solar car cover that shields parked car from the detrimental affects of weather, while transforming the sun’s light into a renewable source specifically designed for the electric car underneath. The power stored in the V-Tent can also power nearby streetlights to make the creation more visible. At first glance it would seem Hakan’s primary focus were to protect the vehicles stored underneath the V-Tent whilst simultaneously charging them, however his actual intentions is to extend the life of electric vehicles and build up electric charging infrastructure, whilst re-imagining urban parking metres. Drivers would pay with credit card and the charging cycle would begin as soon as the V-Tent cover unveiled itself. Drivers can then check their vehicles charge status through a corresponding mobile app. The V-Tent is a great concept, but commercially we’d be surprised to see this rolled out. Whilst many would be drawn to its artistic, fun and innovative design, for efficient use of technology a solar carport, solar panels on a roof would be far more efficient. Check out the video here to see the V-Tent in action.