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Lamborghini Urus - The New Bull on the Block

Lamborghini are well known for manufacturing luxury super cars that populate the market with sharp, aerodynamic designs. However, a new concept SUV has emerged from the Lamborghini factory. Boasting lower C02 emissions than competitors, the concept SUV boasts the same sleek styling as its older brothers. With its brash air vents and sharp solid defining lines the Urus sets a new precedent in the SUV family.

For some, the name Lamborghini is associated with its rural beginning of a tractor factory in North Italy. For others, the name is defined by the chorus of roars that come from the fierce engines. For me, Lamborghini represent a sense of ridiculousness and impossible attractiveness. The Urus has big boots to fill with family members like the Aventador LP700-4. However, from the onset, mixed opinions have been formed. Many are perplexed by the combination of an SUV being made by Lamborghini. The Urus has been designed to fill the need for a high class everyday vehicle with luggage space providing room for various needs.

Porsche made the tricky transition from building sports cars to building SUV’s with the release of the Cayenne in 2002. Lamborghini have been fairly late in joining the SUV market in relation to their competitors. However, some would say that the move was long overdue and it has expanded their horizons to building cars that are considered to be the backbone for many large families. Lamborghini have climbed aboard the SUV bandwagon yet the Urus still remains only a concept. However, in true Lamborghini fashion, its heart beats with a v12 5.2 litre engine with the ability to reach 130mph. Comprehending the price of a Lamborghini usually leaves you feeling slightly faint, yet the Urus is set at a fairly modest price. Expected to be priced at £100k, the Urus outlines the future of the SUV market and navigates the way for future designers. In any market, recession or boom being able to buy a brand new Lamborghini for £100k is considered to be a sports car bargain. Overall I believe that the Lamborghini Urus is a game changer, something to broaden the designing mind-sets of the world. A interesting combination of sports car expertise implemented to the design of a typically boring looking class of cars has inevitably created something which is a fusion of the two. A SUV with a sports car appeal, something never seen before and something which I assure, will be seen again.