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Mazda3 Reveal covers from Specialised

The new, sporty, Mazda 3 has had a full redesign, and Mazda are calling it a “no compromise combination of exhilarating driving experience and handling, while still achieving leading fuel economy and CO2 emissions figures”. With the release of the car set for 3rd January, Mazda, not wanting anyone to get a sneaky peak of the new model, commissioned Specialised Covers to produce Reveal covers for the grand 2014 launch: 290 covers needed, across 137 dealerships, throughout the UK and Ireland. Never one to turn down a challenge, we accepted the order and Mazda’s across the country were shrouded in silky Silver Reveal covers, hiding their new curves from the public. If your looking for the perfect reveal cover for a launch or special occasion then click here for more details.