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If there is something that the SL’s don’t lack, it’s gravitas. They have impact, some might say they’re a tad flash, but then so are a lot of ‘good’ cars.

One thing that you need to consider if you’re…considering the Mercedes SL, is that they aren’t so little. Don’t expect this car to feel like a two seater sports car because it’s over 4.5m in length. Not that this will slow you down, at all.

The range of engines is good, starting with a 2.8 and spiralling up to a V12 65 AMG that unleashes 612bhp.  To be honest the 350SL is quick enough for most.

The handling is good for a car this heavy. The ride is stiff enough to keep the car’s composure in tight corners but it’s soft enough for you not to need a Chiropractor at the end of your journey.

Fuel efficiency is always hard to without actually owning the car. (Perhaps any owners can comment.) It’s a big flashy Mercedes, so the o-zone layer will probably hate you whichever engine you choose.

This is not a practical car, though there is room for golf clubs and the build quality is excellent like almost every German car these days. Mercedes seem to have nipped previous reliability issues in the proverbial bud, let’s hope they remain nipped. (Again, current owners feel free to comment.)

Mercedes SL will set you back at least £62,330. The AMG version is £105k.
Our only criticism is that the interior of the SL looks a bit…old; it looks tired. The dials are nice, we don’t even mind the slightly retro wheel, but the rest of it just looks like the Mercs from the late 90’s early 2000’s.  We advise the Nappa leather stitching (+£530) on the interior options list if you want to keep it looking up-to-date. The extra cash will be money well spent if you’re under 50.

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