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MG is back

Finally, a new MG has arrived. The MG6 GT will be the first ‘new’ car launched under the Chinese owners; the MG TF was barely tinkered with.

The new car is what MG calls a ‘fastback’; essentially it’s a hatchback, one that fancies taking on the Ford Focus and the Vauxhall Astra. There will be three spec levels to choose from: S, SE and TSE, prices starting from £15,495.

There are some really nice standard features, including Halogen headlights, 17” alloys and stainless steel exhaust. The GT TSE starts at £18,995 and for the extra cash you get 18” wheels, reverse parking camera and leather seats; although we have to say that the lap timer looks very out of place (they look daft enough in a Porsche).

We suspect MG can do better than this. Publications are already knocking some of the engineering and performance test results. That said the car offers excellent value for money and the new Chinese owners are still finding their feet, but MG could come undone if reliability becomes an issue. Customers need to have their confidence restored, this is MG’s chance and it may be its last.

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