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Mini Roller Coaster

Specialised covers are always on the look out for anything out of the ordinary so we always love the ideas that come from the mini team at BMW, and this one is no different.. The mini roller coaster. MINI Canada and Anomaly created an exhilarating execution for the brand’s ‘Not Normal’ campaign. To show off the vehicle’s go-kart handling, three MINI Cooper S models were redesigned to look like a roller coaster (with the help of production company, Asymetric). The customized MINI Roller coaster was refitted by removing the roof and rear seats, replacing them with roller coaster carts, frames, LEDs, decals, and wind blowers to add to the thrilling experience. Once the coaster was street ready, professional drivers drove throughout the streets of downtown Toronto with screaming riders as if they were barreling down the street at 110 miles per hour. Watch the video below to see the MINI coaster in action.