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New A-Class Pictures Leaked!

The European Patent Office have let slip drawings of the 2012 Mercedes A-Class. French website launched the pictures.

This final design lacks the sharper, more aggressive look that the concept boasted; this is mainly because the front of the car has taken too much inspiration from the B-Class (intentionally or not). That said the A-Class is finally looking like a premium hatch to challenge the BMW 1 series and Audi A1. The headlights are more purposeful and the lower air intakes give the whole front end a sportier appearance. We’re glad to see Mercedes have finally made this car lower; handling of the first A-Class was dismal and although its predecessors improved in the handling department they were still a long way behind the competition.

We eagerly await the launch of this new A-Class. Specialised Covers will have car covers available to tailor by the time the A-Class is launched…sometime this year.