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New caravan technology paves the way for future development

Travelling long journeys alone can often be a chore, cemented with uncomfortable hotels, the lack of home comforts and unappetising meals. All in all, nothing’s quite like being at home. Those looking for an overnight stopover often place their trust, or even desperation in the hands of hotels and b & b’s, but that’s all about to change if one German industrial designer has his way. Cornelius Cormanns has modified a three-wheeled Piaggo scooter into mobile living quarters, similar to that of a mini campervan. Named the Buffalino, its intentions allow motorists the ability to simply pull over whenever they require a pit-stop and take a nap within it specially designed living facilities tuktukmobile Cormanns’ fully furnished camper contains a fold-up bed, a sink, a kitchen with refrigerator and running water and, of course, a place to hook up your laptop. Cormanns design is to allow the traveller greater flexibility and this is apparent as the only real hindrance is finding a suitable location to park up. Which begs the question as it’s so small, where can’t it be parked up? The design is based on a tuk-tuk rickshaw design often seen across Asia and Africa and whilst its certainly a convenient concept that’ll simplify the process for travellers, it’s unlikely you’ll see a long line of Buffalino’s parked around the city centres. Let’s assume businessmen are unlikely to swap their eerie a hotel room for the Buffalino, despite it’s convenience. tuk tuk