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Nissan's new compact car expected to create 2000 jobs

Nissan revealed its plans to build a new compact car called the Invitation, at its facility in Sunderland.

The £125m investment is expected to create 2000 jobs. 400 posts will be needed at the Sunderland plant; another 1,600 jobs are to be created in the supply chain.

Naturally almost everyone from the commercial world welcomed the news, resulting in an echo of people and organisations “welcoming the news”.

Unsurprisingly, politicians also welcomed the news, especially those in government who have supported the project with a £9.3m grant.

The Sunderland plant is now the largest car factory in the UK. The manufacturer is expecting to build 100,000 units a year of the Invitation, a car that will be positioned to compete with the Ford Focus and VW Polo. The marketing blurb will undoubtedly accentuate the car’s fuel efficiency figures, but they are unlikely to be released anytime soon.

The new Nissan will have stiff competition, especially if a new Fiesta is released with styling similar to that of the Mondeo concept. Luckily, the styling is thought to be similar to the concept car from Geneva. If this stands to be true when the car is released next year, Nissan could well be onto a winner.

Oh, and as for the awful name, thankfully it’s a work in progress.