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With patented designs, we're the original name in tailored towing protection

We're extremely proud of what we do here at Specialised Covers and the high quality of our products.

Our range of Patented Tow Pros are designed and manufactured by our highly skilled team in order to ensure caravans are protected from dirt and stones whilst being towed, on the open road.

We also produce the only one piece tailored towing protectors on the market, and those recognised as unique due to their easy fit, one piece designs.

Tow Pro Lite
Our universal Tow Pro Lite

Our tailored Tow Pros, are also the only towing protectors with a stretchy fabric allowing the Tow Pro to fit snuggly around the edges of the caravan, preventing billowing when being towed and as well as protecting paint work from marks due to securing clips.

Our tailored Tow Pro Elite

Our tailored Tow Pro +

Our tailored Tow Pro 

All of our towing protectors, as well as our caravan covers, are also all approved and verified by the NCC. As official suppliers to Swift, Baileys, Xplore, Lunar and Coachman we're delighted to partner with some of the industry's most renowned manufacturers.

For nearly 40 years we've pioneered the protective vehicle cover industry, and hope to continue for many years to come.

To view our range of Tow Pros, click here or call one of our friendly team today on 01943 864 646.