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Porsche 911 Car Covers

At Specialised Covers, we tailor Porsche car covers for 911s going back to the early 60’s. We know Porsche get a lot of stick for not having changed the styling of the 911 for the last forty odd years and we would know because the covers look very similar. Despite this limp criticism, the Porsche 911 remains the embodiment of the quintessential sports car.

Before we get on to the ‘nitty-gritty’, there is one thing that irritates us about the Porsche 911 and that’s the sheer number of variations and their names. The models list is extensive and complicated. A 911 is a 911. You can buy a 911 GT3…which is also sometimes called a 997 GT3 depending on which year you bought it in. The same applies for the 911 Carerra, yes that’s another type of 911 that can also have a 996 or 997 attached instead.

Performance wise, the basic Carerra is quick enough for most. Naturally the 911 GT range is for those who like to see the road in a blur. There are also some limited edition models if you want something to...well you won’t stand out from the crowd because they all look the damn same, but if it makes you feel special, well the 911 Black edition might be for you.

The 911 is pretty to look at and well put together which means you can clock good mileage from using the car on a regular basis without the wheels falling off or the engine bursting into flames. It can even be called reasonably practical, sort of. The Targa is the most practical, with useable rear seats, but if you’re after real practicality you need a different car.

All in all the Porsche 911 is a fantastic sports car, if you can afford one because they aren’t cheap to buy, fuel or maintain. Specialised Covers tailor Porsche 911 car covers for models dating back to 1964. We also have an extensive database of car covers for other Porsche models. If you are unable to find your Porsche online, please contact our sales team for a quote.