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Porsche Boxster E...for eco or efficient...or electric.

It would seem that Porsche are also eager to join the ‘eco’ club by producing their own electric powered car. Not that we blame them; oil isn’t just expensive these days, it’s also running out!

The new Boxster E weighs a mere 1,600 kg and can achieve 0-62 mph in 5.5 seconds and will reach a limited max speed of 200 km/h (124mph) without changing a gear whatsoever in automatic or manual, which frankly, doesn’t make sense. If the car never changes gear, it’s an automatic? Porsches press release says otherwise.

The car sparked an interest during the Michelin challenge in the German Capital, at the Berlin Bibendum. Over 16,000 Attended, including 6,000 professionals representing politics, industry and trade and research. The Boxster E prototypes are currently being trialled as part of the “Model Region Electro-Mobility Stuttgart.” Which is basically a test to establish the feasibility of electric vehicles.

The torque achieved at approximately 12,000 rpm is a maximum of 540 Nm. The two electric motors produce a total output of 150 Kw which is equivalent to 241 Horsepower. The two electric units work together effectively to produce significantly higher power output then other hybrid vehicle electric power units. The Boxster E is effectively creating a new Porsche driving experience with zero tailpipe emissions and maximum torque from the first turn of the engine.

The Boxster E comes in rear wheel drive too. However this variant only has one electric motor reaching a maximum of 90 kW of power output, this equates to 120Hp. This allows the Boxster E access to only 270 Nm of torque. The rear drive model achieves 100Km/h (62mph) in 9.8 seconds with a top speed of 150Km/h (93mph).

A minor downside to the Boxster E however, is due to the electric engines being incredibly quiet. The car lacks the classic engine noise which motorists love so much. The car shows no sign of aggression or spirit when achieving top speed, which we can imagine is a problem to Porsche owners. Fortunately some German scientists have developed a sound design system that can provide drivers with acoustic feedback, as well as alerting to unsuspecting pedestrian who would otherwise be unable to hear the silent Boxster E. Of course, no fancy sound system can replace the raw of a flat 6 engine, although the ability to create your own car sound is enticing…tie fighter?

The battery itself is a lithium-iron-phosphate based traction battery. The battery is good for approximately 170 kilometres (107 miles). The battery, power units and components are connected to two water cooling circuits, and as with the conventional unit, the heat exchangers are accommodated behind the front air intakes.

The battery can be sufficiently charged via normal plug socket, the charging port on the Boxster E can convert the alternating current from the socket into a constant current which can be stored by the batteries. It takes approximately 9 hours to charge the battery normally, however there is also a rapid charge function.

The Boxster E is just a guinea pig for now; so don’t expect to see one on your local showroom.

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