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Practical Caravan Magazine Apology

Practical Caravan Magazine kindly reviewed a Specialised Covers Towing Protector. However, the magazine made a blunder when they fitted the cover incorrectly. Specialised Covers’ Managing Director, Elliot Long reassures customers that the magazine feature misrepresented the quality of the Towing Protector.

“We are still unsure how the staff at Practical Caravan managed to attach the cover so poorly.”

“Specialised Covers can assure its customers that the Towing Protector fits all caravans up to 2.3 metres wide, with two awning channels.

“We have spoken to the Assistant Editor at Practical Caravan regarding the error. They have apologised for the mistake and have agreed to make a formal apology in the next available issue.”

Publications such as Practical Caravan operate many issues in advance, so Specialised Covers will have to wait a few months for the apology to appear in print. The magazine has posted a new review on its website, with full fitting instructions and images of how the cover looks when fitted correctly.

To view the online article, click here.