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Preparing your caravan for winter

As the days become shorter and temperature begin to drop, it’s a sure sign that winter is on its way and if you haven’t ensured your van is prepared for the frost and long winter months, then you could be facing big problems.

We’ve listed a few simple tips to help your winter pass as trouble free as possible.


Internal pre-winter guidelines

1) Drain water system – Completely drain hot and cold water in the van, you can do this by ensuring all the taps are open and removing the drain plug, on the outside of the van. Try draining before you return from your last outing, the drive home will ensure all the water flows out.

2) The toilet – completely drain the water-holding tank into the cassette and remove the cassette for draining and cleaning. Once cassette is clean use Thetford’s Maintenance Spray (or similar product) to the coat the seal and blade. This helps to avoid corrosion over the winter months.

3) Plug all water inlet and waste outlets to avoid bugs and insects crawling through.

4) Take care of the upholstery, the sun can be damaging and cause your furniture to fade, you can use the under-seating storage or place in bags and store back on the seats.

5) Open all internal doors and cupboards to allow air to circulate, closing doors can cause odors to settle.

6) Clean cupboards, opened packets of food should be thrown out, tinned food will be fine over winter.

7) Ensure all windows are locked, this may seem like an obvious tip but not only will this deter thieves from entering your van, unwanted spiders and insects are also kept away.

8) Remove electrical devices from your van, during the winter months vans are easy targets for thieves as they’re often stored in either unsecure or unmanned areas. Minimise the risk of your van becoming a target by removing all valuable devices.


External pre-winter guidelines

1) You can increase tyre life and suspension on your van by taking the weight off the wheels. You can support your van with axle stands and the remove the wheels and bolts for storage.

2) Covering your van with a Specialised Caravan Cover will ensure the following;

a. Frost prevention – Frost can cause superficial damage to your vans fragile exterior, a cover will save time and possible damage caused when scraping away the frost. The 100% breathable fabric Specialised Covers use ensures all water is kept out.

b. Tree Sap Resistant – Storing your van under a tree during the winter months can damage the paintwork and although it may be winter, the suns UV rays bake the sap causing the lacquer to expand, resulting in an unwanted resin to form. A Specialised Cover is made up of three layers of fabric, ensuring no sap penetrates through.

c. Constant ultraviolet radiation from the suns rays is known to contribute to the chemical modification of exposed paint surfaces resulting in loss of gloss, colour change and colour loss. A Specialised Cover, with it’s three-layers of fabric will protect your van preventing further depreciation.

Following these guidelines will help ensure you van remains happy over the winter months, to find out more about Specialised Covers head over to the website.