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Private collection of 4 tanks and a helicopter covered.

Over 35 years it has been our pleasure to work on many different and specialised projects.  We were therefore thrilled to be invited to see a private collection of army tanks and a helicopter that required our specialised covers skill set.  As the vehicles were clearly too large to store inside and the owner wanted them to stay in their display positions, it was up to our design team to create their tailored protection.  The sheer size and scale of the 4 tanks required hundreds of meters of pattern material and ladders just to reach the top sections. As the tanks were built without aerodynamics in mind, the contours were some of the hardest we have had to work with.  However, the team managed to create some amazing Stormshield + covers that fitted perfectly.  The Helicopter was in its self a huge challenge but something we have done in the past, the main difference was that this one was already 20ft in the air.  Suspended and immovable meant that the team ended up working off a scaffolding frame just to reach.  Fitting the cover took a team of 4 and a few hours to complete.  However, on completion, the design team had designed and manufactured 5 very unique covers for this precious collection.  Please call our sale team on 01943 864646 to discuss any projects or visit our website for further information