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Product Support Filming Commences…

We have recently started production of our Video Support features. It has long been an ambition of the company to be able to provide informative, in-depth and innovative support material for customers and distributors. The material will include specially produced video tutorials and demonstrations relating to our products. As well as providing comprehensive written and visual product guides to accompany our range of tailored covers and towing protectors, we have always believed that the use of film was the best way to assist any consumer who perhaps has had difficulties with understanding their new purchases or simply for those potential consumers who are looking to greater understand the differences between, not only our covers, but those of our competitors.

We have been developing the production side of these features for a while and have been speaking with our customers to better understand what they would like to see and the kinds of features that will most benefit them.

Specialised Covers has always been and will always be pushing the innovation of the cover industry. With a radical rebranding close to completion and with a unique e-commerce website now up and running, the development of our Support resources is now one of our priorities in a bid to consolidate our position as Europe’s leading specialist cover company. Significant investment has been made within the company to enable us to produce inspiring imagery and promotional materials in-house, all of which aid in enhancing our growing reputation amongst our new clients, as well as reassuring our existing loyal customers who have supported us since our establishment some 30 years ago. This investment means we now enjoy film and television industry-standard capabilities, enabling us to produce the quality of creative material we want – when we want and without compromise. We feel strongly this level of dedication to every aspect of our company sets us apart, well and truly, from our competitors.

We hope filming and post production will continue over the next few months and be ready for launch during the summer of this year to coincide with the launch of Phase Two of this website. We will keep you informed of any developments within this section.