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Promotion: Facebook 20/20 Test

WATCH THIS Facebook 20-20 Test Promo Video (HD Version)

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If you have ever bought a car cover from us and fancy showing it off to the world, then here's your chance! Not only do we want to display your photographs on our Facebook page, we also want to give you £20* BUT, to earn this easy money we've set one simple challenge. We're calling it the 'Facebook 20/20 Test'.

Here's how it works :

1. If you have bought a car cover from us, place it on your car, take a photo (the more original the better!) and send it to us. Email our Creative Director, Katie Fishwick, your picture to along with your full name, contact number, make and model of your car.

2. Each week we will choose 2 of the best cover photographs and post them onto our Facebook company page. We will then contact you and tell you you're in with the chance of earning £20 in vouchers to be spent at

3. The next step is simple. If you tell all your friends on Facebook about your photograph and you can manage to get 20 people to 'Like' your picture on our page then the money is yours! If you decide to buy a couple of Blu-ray films, you could even invite a few of them around to watch and say thank you!

4. That's it... Your friends don't even have to add themselves as friends to Specialised Covers, just click 'Like' and because of their endeavours, you're one step closer to that new album or tv box set!

Soon as you have your 20 'Likes' we will then contact you and make arrangements to send you your vouchers. Another great thing about this little promotion is that you can enter as many times as you like as the Facebook 20/20 Test will be on-going as we feel it'll be a great way for our customers to interact with us and to show off their covers.

Terms & Conditions

Specialised Covers will be able to enhance any imagery sent to us before uploading onto our Facebook page. This includes, but not restricted to, image cropping, contrast adjustment, colour balancing and resizing. We will not however digitally retouch or edit the photographs to misrepresent the cover product.

Each customer has an unlimited time to achieve their 20 'Likes' once the image is posted onto Facebook. They can not however, post the image onto their personal pages to then attain the 20 'Likes' necessary to earn the vouchers. The 'Likes' must be from the Specialised Covers Facebook page.

If you do not enclose details within your email of your full name, contact number, make and model of your car we will not consider your photograph for use within this promotion.

Specialised Covers will not accept any imagery which is deemed inappropriate and/or of an offensive nature. Such images will be deleted immediately and not returned.

Please make copies of your photographs on your computer before sending as we will not be returning any imagery, regardless if your images are used or not. Specialised Covers will also retain the rights to use your imagery across all its marketing platforms without permission and will not be bound to offering royalties for the use of these images.

This promotion will only issue vouchers for to the value of £20 (Sterling) and can not be exchanged for cash or for vouchers for any other company. This promotion is a Specialised Covers promotion only and has no association with or any of it's affiliates. If you have any queries or would like to ask any questions regarding this promotion, please do not hesitate in contacting a member of the Sales Team on 01943 864646.