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Protect your paintwork from the summer elements

We all love the summer and the weather it (mainly) brings but for your car, UV rays can fade and damage paintwork.

Tree sap can fall and mark bonnets and roofs, and the birds can make a quite a mess! And, if you live by the sea, the salty moisture in the air can speed up the rusting process.

Our outdoor covers, made from our unique Stormshield and Stormshield + fabric, are both waterproof and breathable, offering full protection to your car from the external elements without allowing it to “sweat” under the cover.

They have the right balance between being waterproof and being breathable, helping to prevent both rust and mould.

An example of how not to look after your car!

The outdoor fabrics are also 'saturated' with UV inhibitors creating a protective shelter from the suns rays. This helps to maintain the condition of your car, inside as well as out, eliminating faded paintwork as well as interiors from sun damage.

With double stitched seams for extra durability, folded fabric where pieces join; enabling water to 'run off', and an additional fleecy lining on the Stormshield +, our tailored outdoor covers offer protection against the elements, as well as knocks and scrapes that can sometimes happen.

And our outdoor covers are also easy to care for - simply wipe them down with a soft cloth and warm water, and allow to dry naturally. It couldn't be easier to care for your pride and joy!

Stormshield+ outdoor cove
Stormshield + Outdoor cover.

So, whether it's a vintage number, super sport or simply the car you've always dreamed of owning, protect it from the elements this summer with a tailored outdoor cover. And if you're not sure which cover would suit your needs best, get in touch today on 01943 864 646.