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Santa Pod Raceway

This weekend sees the return of the Flame and Thunder drag race spectacular at Santa Pod, Northampton. The action packed event is the perfect family outing featuring a wide range of motorsport stunts, drag racing and aerobatic displays. This unique event draws in jet-powered vehicles, bikes and even quads – in the only European event of its kind. The climax of the day will see a huge firework and bonfire display alight the Northamptonshire sky.


What’s on?

Nitro Machines
This is the last chance to see nitro burning machines this season. These ¼ mile drag-strip masters offer an explosive experience that no other drag vehicle can offer.

Monster Trucks
Three destructive monster trucks, Crusher, Podzilla and Swamp Thing will be crushing and jumping in a battle to find who’s the toughest!

Aerobatic Air Display
Air display pilot Mark Jefferies will be twisting, turning and flipping in a gravity defying air display.

Freestyle motorcross
Freestyle motorcross riders will be performing a series of jumps and stunts between the specially arrange ramps.

Stunt Riders
Motorcycle stunt riders will perform their perfectly practiced routine in an attempt to wow the on-looking crowd.

Zero gravity
Zero Gravity, a freeestyle mountain bike team who offer a display of amazing stunts across a series of obstacles and arrangements. Chris Doney, a freestyle wizard, will be at the head of the team showcases his experience and vast skill.



Kids under 16 go – for all other prices see below. Tickets available here.

Check out this video from last years action to give you a taster of the action.