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Should I install a tracker to my caravan?

It’s estimated that approximately 600-2,500 caravans are stolen in the UK each year. Storing your caravan in a Cassoa registered site will ensure extra security. The addition of a Specialised Covers Tailored Caravan Cover can also help to deter potential thieves. But the introduction of a tracking device represents a hi-tech approach to caravan security. These electronic boxes are hidden within the structure of your caravan. Although operating systems vary, the majority electronically report the whereabouts of the vehicle by sending a signal back to a central control room. If you have a pro-active tracking device and the caravan is moving without your knowledge, the central control room will then contact you and depending on your response, the police can be called. Due to the nature of the technology involved, these caravan theft prevention devices are more expensive than simple immobilisers and they can also involve an airtime cost. The power supply of tracking devices varies, as some will take power from your caravan battery, which can be problematic if your caravan is going to be in storage for a long time. However, some trackers will alert you when the battery is running low while others are powered by their own long life batteries Having a tracking device fitted to your caravan can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance but as always, it’s worth checking with your insurer. You should also ensure your tracker can operate in other countries if you plan on caravanning abroad. It is this cost that is often the underlying decision on whether or not a tracker is right for you. For example Phantom offer their Proactive for £499, which, alerts when a theft is in progress to confirm whether it’s an actual theft or a false alarm. However there’s an additional cost of £99 per year, so it’s really worth checking with your insurance company on actually how much discount you’re entitle to with the addition of a tracker. If you’re considering investing in a tracking device for your caravan, have a good look around at the range available, comparing features and prices, reading reviews and ensuring they are certified and recognised by insurance companies So remember, trackers will help bring down the cost of caravan insurance by approximately £80 per quote, which all but covers the annual subscription charge, but it’s the overall cost of the device that will initially sting your finances. If you’re looking for a lengthy investment then Specialised Covers would recommend a tracker, afterall there’s nothing to stop you transferring the tracker to a new caravan should you decide to in the future.