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As a family business we are are always thrilled when what you have be nurturing and striving towards comes to fruition.  Our business has been steadily growing, even through these turbulent times and we are now in a position where we need to expand.  This will allow us to keep up with our customers demands, continue to offer UK manufactured goods whilst creating and sustaining new jobs .   This is a very difficult decision for us, we could stay still and carry on in the safety of what we know or we can take a risk and help to increase the size of our family.   With our hearts in our mouths we have decided to take the plunge and feel that moving and growing is what we need to do.  There is as much danger in standing still and we were never very good at staying still. In the immortal words of Walt Disney
Keep moving Forward
So to facilitate this concept of moving forward we unfortunately have to put our current home up for sale. We have been in Shipley for over seven years and have a great site here that would suit many different business. With 15950 Sq Ft on two floors of immaculately presented offices and factory gives any potential buyer huge scope to create what ever they require. This place represents a huge change in our business and the growth it has allowed us has been unmeasurable.  We hope that the space can offer another company the same space to learn, grow, fail, pick yourselves up again and succeed.  With out our failings we would never have been in this position of growth.  I firmly believe that If your making mistakes it means your out there doing something. If you would like to help us move forward check out our home and see if you fancy moving in..