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Specialised Covers: Art Cover Project

Specialised Covers is working with students from the Leeds College of Art (LCA) to create some truly bespoke car cover designs. 3rd and 2nd year students, working towards a BA Honours degree in Printed Textile & Surface Pattern Design, have stepped up to the challenge of designing unique, tailored car covers for Specialised. The students are used to designing for fashion, textile interiors and cards; designing for a car cover is something quite unique. Over the next few weeks, we will follow their work, to see the challenges they face and the way their designs develop. Marketing Manager Adam Irwin, explains why Specialised Covers chose LCA: “When we were looking for a college to work with, Leeds College of Art was first on the list, partly because we wanted to work with a local college, but mainly because of its superb reputation. “Students on the printed textile course are fantastic ambassadors for the college as a whole. Over the years they have amassed a number of awards for their work. On our first visit, we were completely blown away with the consistently high standard of work.” The Art Cover project went live at the beginning of March and the first few designs are starting to emerge. Designer Amelia Robinson wrote on her blog: “This is a really exciting opportunity for my course mates and I to work for a professional company and have our designs shown to the world!” The finished designs will be available to the general public, but they will also be presented to automotive manufacturers and affiliates of Specialised Covers. The artwork will only be available on indoor covers and each design can only be commissioned once. Adam said: “We’re offering something genuinely unique for our customers. If you buy an artist cover, you will be the only person in the world with that design.” He added: “A project like this hasn’t been done before. We’re going to change the way people think about car covers. Click here and get the latest from the Art Cover project.