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Specialised Covers Caravan mood board on Pinterest

Each month Specialised Covers will showcase a Pinterest board we love. This month we’ll be looking at our dedicated caravan board, this board will most certainly intrigue those interested in caravans and unique designs alike.

Check out the images we’ve been pinning - taking particular interest in innovative designs, those that are unconventional, and those that make you nod in admiration.

Firstly, let’s look at how The English Caravan Company have combined classic designs and brought them into modern day. The design of their Toy Hauler is a fine example of how demand for vintage styling, has grown over the past few years - incorporating a traditional teardrop shape with the requirements of modern living.

This unique 2 berth doubles up as a ‘toy’, in which its primary function is to carry your motorcycle, jet-ski or any additional baggage, yet once your destination is reached you have a fully compatible living quarters, complete with sink, cooker, fridge and concealed central heating. The design is like no other, allowing owners to enjoy the beautifully crafted aesthetics of the teardrop, whilst consolidating all your storage requirements.

At Specialised Covers, we pride ourselves on British, innovative products that continually question conventional design. It is this drive that allows us to design unique and tailored products that suit such products as The English Caravan Company.

The English Caravan Company is just one example of the kind of caravan designs visible on our board, other images include caravans designed by innovative thinkers who, like us, strive towards pioneering the next best product.

This is our first installment of what you can expect from out Pinterest board of the month, be sure to check out next months board for more unique designs.