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Specialised Covers Top 10 Tips for Christmas Driving

1) Tyres and tread

Be sure to check your tyres and tread before you set off on any journey this winter, not just Christmas. But for those driving further afield, take extra notice. Not only could checking the tread save your life, perfecting tyre pressure will save money, on an already increasing fuel bill.

2) Christmas decorations

It’s not recommended, but if you’re desperate to affix Christmas decorations to your vehicle then it’s vital they don’t interfere with other road users visibility. There’s no harm in a little tinsel, but bursting LED’s from within the cockpit is a surefire way to distract other motorists.

3) Driving with presents

If you’re travelling with a carload of presents be aware if you need to stop off along the way. Keep all items out of sight, as opportunists won’t think twice about snatching those perfectly wrapped gifts. And if possible, ask a passenger to assist you on your journey.

4) Rest!

Travelling to spend time with friends and family is a common occurrence at Christmas and long journeys can become tiring and dangerous. So don’t let fatigued ruin your Christmas, take a break if you’re feel tired, grab some coffee and drive with the window down.

5) Don't get caught short

Petrol stations may not open their regular opening times, so before you set off on your journey it’s worth checking. Most will be closed on Christmas day and reopen Boxing Day.

6) Traffic jams

The roads can be exceptionally busy this time of year, so be aware of potential traffic jams before you set off. The AA provides an up-to-date service that will reroute and advise of the best possible route.

7) Breakdown cover

Breaking down is stressful anytime of the year, but it can be even more distressing at Christmas, dinner is often arranged for a set time and the kids don’t want to miss Santa. So make sure breakdown membership is valid to minimise any further delays, should the unthinkable happen.

8) Essential items

Make sure you carry a fully charged phone, a torch and warm clothes or a blanket within the car. You never plan on breaking down, but you can make it that little more bearable with preparation.

9)Don't fall victim to drink driving

Christmas is obviously a time when the drinks begin to flow and rightly so. But if you’re the designated driver over the festive period don’t put yourself or others in danger – know your limits. The Government provides a guide on consumption and limits, but if you’re still unsure on intake, don’t take the risk this Christmas.

10) And finally...

No Christmas journey is complete without...