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Specialised Digital Revolution

We have finally taken delivery of our long awaited Bullmer digital cutter all the way from Germany.  The Bullmer premium cut is the state of the art cutting machine, reducing cut times, wastage and increasing accuracy.  Our design team are all now fully trained on the machine and have been digitising all our car, caravan and towing cover patterns for the last 6mths, with thousands to get through it has been a long process but well worth the investment.  The machine is also an integral part of our new product range that we will be launching next year as we are finalising designs and testing as we speak. All our patterns will still be taken in the traditional Savile Row style however now on there return to the factory they are taken to our digital suite and immediately added to the pattern database.  This combinations of the traditional tailoring and the digital manufacture will give our customers the ultimate in finish. As market leaders in cover manufacture and over 30 years in the industry this marks a huge investment in both our staff and manufacturing processing, we are always striving to bring out customers innovative tailored protection.  This is the reason why Specialised Covers supply many of the worlds leading car marques including Audi, Bentley, Mclaren and Lotus to name a few.