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Stonehenge Replica Built out of Cars

Stonehenge isn't just for stones anymore. It's also for automotive publicity stunts. Skoda commissioned an artist to build a recreation on the ancient stone structure using 18 junked cars.

Assembled just in time for London's summer solstice celebration, the huge sculpture can be dismantled and moved to other venues around the country.

It isn't the first carhengeever dreamed up, and based on the number of cars used, doesn't seem to be a life sized replica of the druids' stone temple. The one that's been standing in Nebraska for the past 25 years contains 38 cars and is 96 feet in diameter.

But the fact that Skoda's ambitious 38-ton advertising project is actually portable makes it pretty impressive, even if it doesn't exactly conform to Stonehenge's dimensions.

The Czech car manufacturer is using its version of carhenge — which it's calling Citihenge — to market the skoda Citigo. Right now, the display is set up at the Goodwood Festival of Speed so we are looking forward to see that at the weekend.

Specialised Covers are not exhibiting at Goodwood Festival of speed but we are attending as we are hoping to be there in an offical capacity in 2013.  Representives from Specialised will be attending on Fri 29th so try grad them if you can, they might also be bring our Photocover down to the show so look out for that.