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The Ferrari 250 GT0 When discussing which is the best classic Ferrari many judge solely on aesthetics. However, Ferrari’s are more than just a piece of bodywork; they are the pinnacle of sporting design and performance, which just happen to be incredibly beautiful! After much deliberation and research, we at Specialised Covers believe we have found the most incredible classic Ferrari. ferrari 250 gto specialised covers 2 The answer is simply and obviously, the 250 GT0 1962-1964. 51 Years ago the 250 GTO sold for roughly £16,500 and could only be bought by approved buyers from Enzo Ferrari himself. The 250 GTO experienced a brief yet successful racing career, before it came to be one of classic collector’s favourites.  Now estimated to be worth £11,000,000 in auction, the 250 GTO appears in many celebrity garages such as; Chris Evans, billionaire Craig McCaw and Christoper Cox. Typically, the 250 GTO used the 4.0L V12 from its older sibling the 250 Testarossa, making it a true Ferrari with power. To any lucky owners of this beautiful car, contact Specialised Covers today for a fully tailored cover to protect your prized possession! or even have a photocover made so that you can still see the car even when its covered. Ferrari 599 under its Photocover