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Thank you Astra Owners Club

The Astra Owner’s Club (AOC) UK is today one of the biggest independent owners clubs in the UK with over 72,000 registered members, a figure that is still growing daily. It began originally as a forum called AstraSport around 11 years ago, formed by Astra fanatic, Rob Carr. The club quickly took off and became one of the best Astra communities out there, with over 7,000 registered members. In 2007 Rob was joined by Mat Guest (who maintains his role as chairman of the club). Under their guidance AstraSport evolved into the Astra Owners Club, offering 3 different levels of membership ranging from the basic free account to the paid Premium Membership account. To its members, the Astra Owners Club offers various benefits and perks, including exclusive access to premium member discounts from various traders, and exclusive rights to attend Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association (VBOA) events and shows. Now in partnership with Specialised Covers, members of the Astra Owners Club are given exclusive discounts on our luxury bespoke covers. Log in to your Astra Owners Club account to find the exclusive discount code which can be used against our top of the range indoor (Prestige) or outdoor (Stormshield) covers and start protecting your Astra today! Call us for a quote today – 01943 864 646