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The Caravan Club National Rally

Preparations are now well under way for this years Caravan Club National Rally.  I have had my first lesson in our new caravan, a Sterling Eccles Sprite !! I've been informed as to which coloured liquids go where, which buttons to press and the ones most definitely not to.  I'm still not sure what the blue flashing one is in the toilet but sure I will work it out.  On top of that I have purchased a lovely new gazebo which I will also need a lesson with, I really hope it's not windy when we arrive - between the caravan cover and tent it could get very interesting!  So, as the adventure approaches we are getting a little bit excited !! Well, myself mainly. Four nights away from the kids...bliss !!! I am however, taking very seriously the stand judging aspect of this show. I have been creating mood boards on our Pintrest account to get just the right theme for the show. I think we are going to have a vintage/tea garden theme (my personal favourite) with bunting, fairy lights and sky lanterns.  Of course the colour scheme is black, orange and silver (corporate colours) which unfortunately lean themselves  more to a halloween style outing so I hope it's not too scary! If anyone has any tips of hints as to how to survive the weekend show I would love to here them. I have already started packing the kitchen sink so not looking good on space !! We are on Stand 44 where myself, Katie, along with my husband Rupert, that are attending. We hope to see you all there, weather permitting.