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The Merging of Cars and Art

At the premiere of the 17th BMW Art Car Jeff Koons unveiled and signed his car in front of 300 international VIP guests on June 1 in the Centre Pompidou, one of the world’s most prestigious cultural institutions for modern and contemporary art.  As part of his creative process, the artist collected images of race cars, related graphics, vibrant colours, speed and explosions. The resulting artwork of bright colours conceived by Koons is evocative of power, motion and bursting energy. Its silver interior along with the powerful exterior design, the Art Car will impart a dynamic appearance even when it’s standing still.

Another collaboration between Richard James and Saab created a  customised silhouette of the car with every detail taken into consideration.  Richard James described it as  "almost a caricature of a suit".  He designed the cover using the same principles we also use at Specialised, creating a calico toile which is pinned, shaped and sculpted to the car to create the perfect fit.  This method and design ethos is why we refer to ourselves as the Saville rd designers of Cars Covers.

These calibrations between artists and designers with the car industry have inspired and encouraged the design team at Specialised to look at how we can incorporate this type of creative thinking into our Car Covers.  We are currently looking at working with up and coming artists from our local area to offer a unique experience and product.  We hope this culmination will spawn the creation of a custom design service.  This would enable the customer to provide the in house design team with a creative brief with bespoke requirements so that the covers created are one off in fit, form or function.  Longterm we hope to establish ourselves with a number of designers who services we can offer and apply to our products creating a bridge between the two sectors.  The possibilities are endless with new technologies and techniques being introduced in to the market place from fibre optics to glow in the dark materials this ideas are inspirational.  Thus making form and function equal in the final design.

We are concentrating on being and creating the remarkable.