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The Motorhome Caravan and Camping Show 2012

The Motorhome Caravan and Camping Show 2012 opened this week on the 14th Feb for the first time in London at ExCel.  The event is organised by the Caravan and Motor home industry and supported by the NCC.  This is a welcome introduction to the Southern market which has never had their own regional event.

It appears from reports that attendance has been great so far and initial feedback from the show is all positive.  Everyone is looking forward to a strong footfall at the weekend to help boost sales.  With ExCel being double the size of Earls court it can house something for everyone bring broad appeal to this new show.

The show is supported by all the major brands, including Elddis, Lunar, Bailey, Swift and the Trigano Group.  The Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravanning Club will have major exhibition stands at the show.

Unfortunately Specialised Covers are not attending the show this year.  With strong sales and a significant efficiency drive underway within the company for 2012 to improve all aspects of the business, from manufacturing output and quality to after-sales support, we feel the expense of these shows would be better spent invested back into the company to further improve an already successful initiative.

As we won't be attending the Motorhome Caravan & Camping Show 2012 at ExCel, London, we will still be offering a 20% discount off the price of our Tailored Caravan Covers. Quote the code EXCEL to claim your discount.

However the below comment from one of our competitors has been brought to our attention by customers.  We would like to let our loyal customers know that we were the innovators of the Tailored Caravan Cover and we supply the best quality, protection, and after sales support in the market.  This is supported by 30 years in the Cover industry.

We also cannot be beaten in Design and Innovation as proven in Patent County Court. With a competitors failed attempts of accusing Specialised Covers of Infringing their Intellectual Property Rights which were fervently defended, with Judge Meade concluding that Specialised Covers did not copy.  The claimant was then instructed to pay £30,000.00 of our costs.


"Our competitors may be able to beat us on price, but they CANNOT beat us on quality, protection or after sales support." Competitors quote from website