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The new Audi A6: the business wagon

As official car covers suppliers to Audi, we’ve become well acquainted with the new Audi A6 Avant, so how does it fair against its main rival.

The A6 Avant is the most successful ‘business’ estate in Europe. Clearly the combination of Audi’s build quality and beautifully understated design is paying off. Certainly, Audi’s more consistent design approach is leaving some of the new BMW’s looking like expensive Japanese models, which shouldn’t be an insult, but we assume BMWwouldn’t be happy with that opinion, (but in fairness you only need to look at the X1 to draw the same conclusion).

So Audi’s new A6 Avant is the obvious choice over the 5-Series Touring? Well, not quite because the 5-Series is a brilliant car. Of course BMW customers are usually very loyal, (despite the X1 and X3) and visually it’s entirely subjective. The Audi has its LED running lights, which to some people look like those rope LEDs you see in the windows of fast food outlets; to others they are a really ‘cool’, cutting edge, contemporary design that is already synonymous with AudiBMW’s Angel Eye headlights have their own appeal, without risking a resemblance to the fixtures and fittings of your local takeaway.

The BMW offers a wider wheelbase, leaving less over hang at the front of the 5-Series, frankly this looks better and the side profile of the Audi bares an uncomfortable resemblance to the VW Passat (for obvious reasons). That said, the A6 offers a cleaner, neater and more aggressive look. For now the Audi wins in the looks department, however previous designs have dated quickly, where as the less contemporary BMW designs have stood the test of time. (Look at a 2002 BMW 3-Series Coupe today and it doesn’t look out of place in your driveway).

Under the bonnet the engines are very similar and are almost tit-for-tat. The BMW is rear wheel drive, Audi offer front wheel drive and of course you can upgrade to the Quattro.

The interiors offered by both marques are still some of the best in the marketplace. Audi might slightly have the edge hear, as we like the way the dash swoops seamlessly round to the door.

As you can tell, there’s really nothing between the two. The Audi probably has the most ‘street cred’, that said, these cars are business estates and potential owners are more likely to be concerned with how the cars handle the motorway miles. If you believe the stigma (made by a certain Top Gear presenter) that Audi drivers are known for their more ‘aggressive’ driving style, then you may be swayed to the BMW, realistically, Audi drivers will buy the A6 and BM driver will buy the 5-Series. Simple.

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