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The New BMW 4 Series Coupe

After seeing the pictures of the BMW 4 Series Coupe, I have fallen in love with it. The 4 Series Coupe is the next generation of the BMW family, a new model of the 3 Series Coupe, however made into it  a 'standalone model' as BMW quoted. There has been a significant change to try achieve that more sportier feel, which results in a more spacious and comfortable interior. It is 50mm longer, 45mm wider at the front, 80mm wider at the back and 16mm lower then the 3 series coupe, although it still keeps the unique look of the 3 series. The front of this car reflects the look of the 3 Series with the full LED headlights, where as the rear of the car has been brought from the larger model which is the 6 Series. The fuel economy has also been improved by inserting vents in the front wings, which work with the large lower grille. This then minimises the the front wheels from dragging. The 4 series has carried on the traditional interior look from the 3 Series, however it has been altered slightly to achieve the more superior look.  Inside is wood trim strips, tanned leather, leather-covered cup holders and hand-braided leather trim. BMW have not yet announced any information about the engine for this 3 door car, although it is expected to follow the footsteps of it's older sibling, the 3 series. This would mean it would deliver a 3.0-litre turbocharged sixer (435i), the 3.0-litre diesel (430d) and the 2.5-litre and 2.0-litre 425 and 420. The price of this 4 Series has been estimated to start at around £27,500. However just to top this car off,  there will be a Gran Coupe model along with a convertible model. Rumour also has it that eventually there will be a four-wheel drive version of the 420i. What more can you ask for? On sale by end of 2013. Here at Specialised Covers we tailor both indoor and outdoor bespoke tailored car covers for any BMW, past or present and we will certainly be covering the stunning new BMW 4 Series when they become available.