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The new mini MINI.

Demand for small cars has rocketed over recent years. The cost of fuel and tax on emissions has sent consumers and therefore car marques searching for ‘cool’ and desirable small cars.

It’s odd then, that arguably the most famous small car, the MINI, isn’t actually that small. In fact the BMW MINI has the same wheelbase as a Land Rover Discovery.

If Auto Express are correct, fans of the original MINI may finally get the car they have been waiting for. The MINI Rocketman Concept was released at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and it seems MINI are going to put the car into production. The new car is bigger than the original MINI, 50cm wider and 40cm longer to be precise, which we think is a lot (it would certainly mess up a car cover). That said we don’t think it will matter one iota because the production model has kept many of the clever space-saving techniques we liked on the Rocketman concept. For example, the two-part tailgate consists of a traditional hatch and a lower section that pulls out to form a drawer (not big enough for golf clubs). Just what the drawer can carry is unclear but no doubt future advertising campaigns for the car will leap at the opportunity to explain its numerous uses.

Naturally, many of the features from the concept wont make it to the production line. The trapeze strips of LED rear lights have been substituted for a more traditional light cluster and it doesn’t look like the dual fold door has been carried across.

This new MINI really got our attention because as much as we love making covers for super cars and classic sports cars, this new MINI gives consumers the choice of a ‘cool’, stylish car that doesn’t drink more fuel like a Challenger Tank.

BMW will launch the new MINI with a range of turbocharged three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, which will undoubtedly be efficient; we just hope they don’t sound like most three cylinder engines (like a tractor). Auto have said that BMW claim their most efficient petrol engine will be capable of 94mpg, which we have to admit is impressive.

With the ever-increasing costs of driving, the new baby MINI could be the best selling MINI yet, but don’t expect to see it on our roads until 2014.

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[Source: Auto Express, 2011]