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The Obsessive Caravannners

Caravans have a huge range of styles, designs shapes and sizes. At first I never thought you could go any further than a hand pumped sink, claustrophobic bathrooms and foldable tables for a caravan. But like any interest/hobby, people really go to the extremes when it comes to being a caravan traveller. The “Paganini” or “pod” Caravan, was one of the most luxurious portable homes I came across. Designed for the typical retired couple, with its creamy leathered seats, dark wood in built furniture and natural lighting. For $55,000 it could be yours… worth it? Why not just get another mortgage? For all you eco friendly groups, we have the “EcoStream”. Don’t let the retro metal shell put you off. Its one of the most environmentally friendly travellers you can get. It includes solar panels, a wood burning stove and a composting toilet. And all the soft furnishings for the interiors are from a sustainable source. So if you want to go on a energy conserved vacation, hop on the EcoStream.   Next we have Daniel Lobb. A perfect example of an obsessive caravaner, He used recycled timber to build a cottage from his old and dusty five sleeper.  It’s now a warm traditional British cottage (debatable) that could fit about a dozen people if he wanted to. We all appreciate a well looked after VW Caravan; but they’re so rare to find these days.  This lovely blue classic 1976 VW would have had some serious care for. The paint job, accessories, and regular maintenance by it’ owner has kept this trooper in mint condition. Who wouldn’t be proud to have this gorgeous ride on the road? And lastly we have the ”Mehrzeller” the multicellular caravan. Designed using multiple contributions from users of a network of product designers. The final design is done by architechs to manufacture it into a practical 3D design. It’s built up of lots of odd geometrical shapes that fit together like jigsaw puzzles, Fridges and microwaves popping out of hidden walls ,very futuristic. So if your thinking about getting a caravan, make sure you go for something personal to you. You don’t want to be stuck with a huge burden on your drive, dreading on where to take it next holiday. Written by Suraj Soren