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The Queen's cars

For over 60-years she’s been chauffeured around in her extravagant vehicles, as patriotic individuals line the streets eagerly applauding in the hope of catching a glimpsing eye.

Queen Elizabeth is no stranger to quality motors and whether you’re a motoring enthusiast or a frequent follower of the Royal’s, no doubt you’d be surprised by her efforts to motoring during World War ll. As a teenager she can be seen changing a tyre at the Mechanical Transport Training Section, Camberley, Surrey.

But she’s certainly obtained a backseat position since taking to the throne and more often than not been treated to some of Britain’s finest motoring examples.

With the Diamond Jubilee celebrations soon upon us, what vehicle will our second-longest serving monarch be subtly waving from the back of?

Well according to rumours from Buckingham Palace, it appears that she’ll be shipped around in the same 2002 Bentley Limousine that was presented to her for her Golden Jubilee back in 2002. The four-tonne armored British vehicle is reported to have cost £10m, housing an enormous 6.75 litre V8 producing 400 BHP.

Only two were ever made (one as a back-up) and the cars share no resemblance to other Bentley models, the British manufacturer customised the design purely to suit the requirements of the Queen, which include;

- tailored seating, including extra leg room

- the rear ‘glasshouse’ window design allowing extra visibility of its passengers

- uprated air-conditioning, to allow extra flow of cool air

- the badge changed to a St. George and Dragon

- the rear door hinge at the back rather than the front to ease accessibility.

Queen Elizabeth’s passion for British motoring has oozed throughout her life, here’s a list of just a few;

1900 Daimler 2000c

1950 Rolls-Royce Royal Phantom IV 5.7L - This was purchased by Princess Elizabeth in 1950 and became a state car in 1952 when gained accession to the throne.

1952 Lancaster Leda 14 1968cc

1954 Land Rover ‘State IV’


1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V 6230cc Limousine


1984 Daimler Double Six Long-Wheelbase Saloon


2002 Daimler X308 Super V8 4.0 Auto

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