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The best dressed cars!

A very happy customer tells to us what a great job his Specialised Covers do!

Mr John Wadham, who has 3 indoor and 3 outdoor covers from us, explains how well they protect his cars in storage and just how fantastic they look at the same time.

Specialised Covers: What product/s have you purchased from Specialised Covers, and what vehicles have you covered?
John: 6 car covers (indoor and outdoor of various colours with emblems): i) Outdoor cover for Land Rover Discovery 2 ii) Outdoor cover for Jaguar XJS 4.0 iii) Indoor cover for Jaguar XJS V12 iv) Indoor cover for Porsche 928 GTS v) Indoor cover for Porsche 944 vi) Outdoor cover for Bentley Continental r

Specialised Covers: What was the main reason for your purchase/s? (i.e. Protect caravan during winter / protect car during storage.)
John: To protect the cars in storage.

Specialised Covers: Are you happy your Specialised Cover has performed as promised and done the job?
John: I am more than happy, I am ecstatic! One of my cars has been sitting untouched outside for the past 3 years. I recently took the cover off and underneath the car looked the day I covered it, and the cover still looks good as new.

Specialised Covers: Are you happy with how your product looks when in use?
John: The covers look fantastic because they fit like a bespoke tailored tuxedo! My cars look very well dressed.

Specialised Covers: Do you think Specialised Covers does anything particularly well, or that stands out for you?
The covers fit very well and the finish is very high quality so my cars look amazing when covered. I recently posted a picture of my 944 in its cover and got a huge number of like and complementary comments on the cover. (Of course I attached the link to your site!)

Specialised Covers: And finally, is there anything else you'd like to add? 
John: Yes, I frequenty post pics of my cars in the covers on social media platforms and receive compliments!

Well 6 covers can't be wrong! Thanks for your wonderful feedback John, it's great to hear such postive things about our covers. 

If you'd like to speak to us about indoor or outdoor protection for your car, call us today and we can advise on the best cover for your needs. Our team are available from 8.30am - 5pm on 01943 864 646, or view our full range of tailored car covers here