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This Summer's Best Bike Ride

When your bike is not in use it is important to protect it the best way possible. Specialised Covers hand-make semi-tailored motorbike covers that are ideal for outdoors and long-term storage. The covers are tailored individually from our unique fabrics and come with an eyelet to enable it to be padlocked.

Specialised Covers, Prestige

But when not under cover, your bike deserves a scenic and exciting ride. We have found three of the most scenic bike rides in UK for this summer. This is just the first list of the series, watch out for the next one!

Hardknott Pass, Lake District

This is one of the most challenging roads in the UK. The gradient making is a 1 in 3 and this makes it the steepest road in the UK. The road is narrow and winding, at points it can seem daunting, but the reward when reaching the top of the hill is worth it. As well, the surroundings of the ride are beautiful and the nature is more than overwhelming. It is this that makes this ride so special.

The Hardknott Pass

The Horseshoe Pass, A542, North Wales

This road is something special; it is a whole 1,400 ft above sea level which provides you with the most fantastic view. The ride itself is nice and easy with its steady incline. The Horseshoe Pass has been named so due to the shape it takes curving around the valley. When you take this it is definitely worth having a break, look up and enjoy the sight of the world beneath your feet.

The Horseshoe Pass

Glasgow to Iverness, the A82

If someone ever laid a road for bikers, this would be the one. The road takes you all the way through the wonderful Scottish landscape including Loch Lomond, Glencoe; you will go past Loch Ness and drive right through to Augustus. This ride can be done gracefully without any hinders and it is truly blissful. On route there are many lovely sights and they are all worth a stop to gain the full appreciation.


The beautiful A82

These were just three of our suggestions, what are your favourite scenic rides?