Since the middle of 2021 our towing range has undergone modifications, including the removal of the stretch fabric at the sides of the cover, visual style updates and the straps at the top, these have been removed and altered following consumer feedback. The stretch fabric has been removed to increase longevity of the cover. We had received feedback of the fabric laddering or ripping at the corners over time. The safety straps on the top of the cover were deemed redundant, equally customers had fed back that they flapped whilst travelling and were often over tightened tearing the cover. These alteration have then impacted on the visual of the cover.

The changes in look and styling lines have been done for several reasons. The removal of the stretchy fabric has altered the functional nature of the seams and zips throughout the cover. The stretch fabric allowed for zips on a curve which were more decorative however they are now required structurally to support the overall fit of the cover. Curved zips are challenging from a manufacturing point of view and don’t offer the same strength as horizontally sewn zips. This, in combination with the location of the handles and locker box will dictate the styling and functional lines we follow on the cover. The top securing straps are no longer required on covers that don’t have the stretch sides. When the stretch fabric was used there was always an element of tolerance in the fabric that could then be compensated for with the top tensioning strap if required. Once the stretch sides had been removed and the cover made in a non-stretch fabric, the cover is created like a second skin so there is no need for customers to tension the top.

On many of the new caravans the front sections also have shoulders, meaning the window is recessed. This will naturally create a void between the cover and the caravan at the top as there is no fabric that will cling to the shape. The void however is not an issue as when you are driving the air flow over the cover will press it against the caravan. The design change on several models has added the requirement to undo two or three clips that run along the valance of the caravan. This has always been the case on a number of designs with only a few having the locker section openable with only a zip. This change again is due to the design that we have chosen to be the best from a function and manufacturing point of view. If you have an issue with undoing these clips along the bottom please check the style of the cover before ordering.

The removal of these elements has helped to support manufacturing and reduced parts but this has simply allowed us to maintain the cost of the covers with all fabric, parts, transportation and salaries having increased since 2020. Altering and updating the design is the only way to maintain the covers current retail price which has been the same since 2015 and not pass on the price increases we have incurred to our customers. This does not take into account the thousands of hours and samples created to test and redesign theses covers.

The look of the cover is secondary to the function of it. We understand customers concerns that they are not getting the exact cover shown in images on the website; however we cannot show every variation of cover created and the final design of our covers is at our discretion. We try to illustrate as many variables as possible on our website, social media and in our print literature. We would encourage customers to look at these images before ordering or call our team to highlight which visual style of towing cover you will receive. Regardless of the look of the cover you will have the features of your chosen model.

All the design updates have been done to improve the covers. Many of the previous designs are still in production as they did not require the alterations however where needed and guided by customer feedback we have updated the designs. This means that every towing cover we produce will look different to any other, if the look of the cover is a deciding factor in your purchase please call our team for clarity.

The below images show a few of the varients that are in current production.

Specialised Covers