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Towing cover colour issues, the truth...

Some of our customers have asked us whether the colour of material used in towing covers can have a negative effect on the condition of the caravan bodywork. Given that it is commonly known that dark colours absorb and retain heat we feel we need to address this point. Any heat retained on the surface of towing covers whilst stationery is dissipated due to the air flow movement over the cover whilst towed, this fluctuation may be slightly greater with darker colours but does not have a negative effect on the caravan bodywork and here's why:
Through testing in Australia our darker coloured Tow Pro range performed exceptionally well in harsh temperatures surpassing 35 degrees over journeys in excess of 1000km. We found the cover acted as a protective barrier shielding the most vulnerable elements found on the caravan fronts such as the rubber seals and windows. The point of heat absorption was first raised on test but what showed was the cyclic nature of the temperature fluctuations from stationery to transit were contained to the outer layer of the covers, the variations of which were great and rapid. Temperature transference from the towing protector to the caravan's bodywork was minimal and aided by the air flow between the cover and the caravan. Temperatures below the cover steadily fluctuated within the caravan bodyworks tolerance, never reaching excessive heat or extreme cold to have any detrimental effects to the bodywork or glued seals. This is perfectly normal as all caravans experience a degree of temperature fluctuation when stationery to being towed.
All our Tow Pro materials have added UV inhibitors to reflect harmful UV radiation which can shorten the lifespan of other covers and cause materials to become brittle over time. Any concerns about colour affecting the performance of the product are unfounded. For further advice please do not hesitate to contact us.
The Tow Pro range is designed to protect your caravan whilst in transit. We can guarantee that the colour of the material used has in fact no bearing on the performance of the cover and does not have any detrimental effect to the caravans bodywork.
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