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VW Scirocco Car Covers

So, the VW Scirocco…buy one. Immediately.

Ok, if it isn’t already apparent, we shall explain our seemingly flippant adoration for this car.

The thing is, everyone knows that the Golf is a fantastic car, the GTI especially. What VW have done is make a car just like the Golf…but better. We shouldn’t really need to say anymore, other than perhaps, it is as good as it looks. If you’ve ever spotted a gorgeous girl/lady/woman from across a bar, only to find that upon closer inspection she seems to have put her makeup on with a trowel and her beauty has in fact been manufactured, it’s a façade and when she talks she has a really irritating laugh? Well that’s NOT the Scirocco. Everything the Scirocco looks, it is. It’s honest.

So, clearly this is a visually stunning car. If you’re questioning this you should seek medical advice, perhaps book in with your GP.

The performance is good and the 260bhp ‘R’ version rivals the GTI. Like all the VW diesels, the Scirocco does loose power after that initial burst of torque has gone, that said, it’s easily quick enough for real roads. The 1.4TSI is a bargain with  VW’s ‘Twincharger’ system which uses both a supercharger and a turbo to squeeze out the power, the result is a tiny engine that will take you to 60mph in just 8 seconds by producing 160bhp.

The fit and finish, like on most modern VWs is pretty good. A bit too much plastic in some places but this car is as solid as it looks.

In terms of handling, the ride is firm but fair and the seats are comfortable. The most impressive thing about the handling is an adaptive chassis that comes as standard on all Scirocco’s. It allows you to choose from three different settings: comfort, sport and normal and unlike in some cars, this really does make a notable difference to the handling.

To summarise then, the Scirocco is a more practical and more affordable coupe. It’s not going to depreciate anytime soon. Of course you could compare it to the Volvo C30 models and the Honda Civic but frankly, the ‘cool’ metre alone puts this car ahead of the pack. It is understated. If you drive a Civic Type R, people expect you to have poor diction and drive it like you stole it. The Scirocco is as good as both the Golf and the Civic, but is prettier and more sophisticated than both.  Aside from cost, it begs the question as to why you would buy anything else. Any owners of the BMW 1 Series should feel very silly, because you could have one of these in most cases for the same money. A fair comparison for the Scirocco is the Audi TT, but then if you want four seats…?

So, like we said when we started. Buy one.

Specialised Covers are the official supplier of tailored car covers to VW. If you’re using the Scirocco as a weekend run around and frankly we wouldn’t blame you for doing so, then our tailored VW car covers will preserve your cars appearance. This car won’t depreciate quickly, but tailored car covers will help to maintain a cars value. If you use the car frequently, our outdoor car covers are ideal to preserve that ‘just-washed’ look. The Scirocco is one of the best-looking cars on the road today so why not keep it that way.

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