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Website Launch… One Week On

On Monday 4th April 2011 our innovative and new Specialised Covers website went live for the first time. After months of development we felt the time was right to roll out the new site and see how our customers interact with the new format. Websites by nature are constantly evolving and ‘living’ entities within their own right and this site will be no different. We understand the importance of keeping the site fresh and the overall customer experience engaging.

So far we have received a great response from our customer base and by those who have visited the site. We would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to call and offer us your feedback. As much as we appreciate all your compliments, we also welcome and greatly value any constructive criticism on how we can improve the site. We already have some great new ideas in the pipeline which we believe will help with the usability of the site – especially for those users with smaller, low resolution computer monitors.

As a company we have been focused a great deal of energy into maximising the potential of this website over the past 6 months or so. Now we are live, we plan to redirect this energy into our marketing strategy and really getting our new identity out there! We have several events lined up over the coming months so keep a look out in this section for updates and promotions.

Thank you again for all your feedback and compliments!