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What is car wrapping?

By applying large panels of vinyl to your car it’s possible to change the colour to create a completely new and refreshed look. Not only is this great for changing the appearance, it also protects the original paintwork from stone chips, sunlight and general wear. The best thing of all? If you get bored of it, you can just peel it off!

Matt Grey Mini Cooper S

Traditionally, car wraps were used as part marketing and advertising - covering a vehicle in an advertisement, turning any vehicle into a moving billboard. However, in recent years the concept of wrapping a car has advanced to the everyday consumer.

Motor-owners, especially those with higher performance vehicles, have turned to this trend in an attempt to customise their car and give it that ‘one-off’ appearance. As the popularity of this method has grown so has the range of wraps available. What started out with standard matt finishes, such as white and black, cars are now being covered in gold, chrome and even leather!

Ferrari F430 leather wrapped

Let’s weigh up the pros and con.

Pros of wrapping;

- If you want to change the design simply peel it off

- It tends to be cheaper than respraying - ranging from £800 (for a mini) - £2000 (Porsche Cayenne)

- The original factory paintwork will remain preserved

- No need to inform the DVLA

- A car wrap can be done in a day, a respray can take a week

- A series of colours and designs can be applied, which cannot be done with a respray

Cons of wrapping;

- Only tend to last around 4-5 years, paint will last a lifetime if treated correctly

- Difficult to apply to cars that have endured damage i.e. dents and rust

- If scratched, cannot be touched up or resprayed

The advantages of wrapping are clear, but the disadvantages may be worth considering; with an expect life of 4-5 years, substituting a wrap for a respray wouldn’t be wise if you were looking for a permanent change in colour.

But if you’re looking for a short term fix and decide on a car wrap, why not consider a Specialised Covers tailored cover to prolong its life? Specialsed Covers have pioneered the car cover and have the technology to manufacture a cover for the make and model of any car. Looking for a quirky car cover to match your customised wrap? Check out the Art Cover range, this will certainly set you apart from the rest!