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Why you really should cover your caravan...

As many of you are aware, last week was the Caravan & Motorhome Show at Birmingham NEC and we once again had a great time discussing the benefits of covering a caravan with many of you. Everybody agreed – and it was great to hear first hand experiences – that it isn’t just winter storage that the cover helps with, there are many other aspects of everyday life that can damage and devalue your caravan. For those of you who weren’t at the NEC here is our guide to those things to consider when storing your caravan anywhere (and a lovely infographic for you to enjoy too)… Rain – oxygen+water=rust. Our 100% waterproof fabric avoids your caravan getting soaked in the unpredictable British weather. Tree sap – when it gets baked on by the sun trying to remove it will take off both the sap and the paintwork from the caravan. UV rays – we know it’s bad for the skin but it’s just as bad for caravans, resulting in colour changes, chalking and flaking to name but a few problems UV can cause. Frost – if you like to use your caravan in the Winter, you’ll know how time consuming it can be defrosting not only your car but your caravan too! Morning dew – we all know it can sit on the window and ultimately damage the seals. Our covers are breathable, allowing condensation to dry naturally, so will save you the £150 reseal charge. Bird droppings – they might look unsightly but they’re also very damaging to the paintwork of your caravan, with re-sprays starting from £1000. A Specialised Cover definitely proves prevention is better than cure and with our Webflex fabric, you can just wipe the cover down. So if you feel you need to protect and preserve your caravan, take a look at our range of covers now