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We love what we do, especially when we get asked to cover something a little out of the ordinary. 

Now a chair isn't really our of the ordinary, per se, but the chairs in question are rather iconic, so we were pretty excited when we were asked to produce 4 special covers for them.


When Stage One (UK), asked us to visit them to pattern chairs for a certain singing reality TV show, it was a real pleasure! Not only would the covers be used in the rehearsal shows, they would actually get sat on by some rather famous... erm.... faces.


Stage One (UK), who produce sets for TV shows, world wide events and films, invited us to their Wetherby site and kindly showed us round some of the amazing props and sets they produce. We even had the opportunity to watch a huge 3D printer in action. This Porsche steering wheel was produced by a printer! 

 Porsche Wheel

After patterning the chairs (which are even bigger in real life!), we then produced four protective covers for them - which are under wraps until the show airs in January 2019! The new covers will help protect the famous red leather during rehearsals, as well as when the chairs are in storage at the end of each season. 

Chair Pattern 

If you have an unusual item that you need protecting, get in touch! Our covers have protected statues, airplanes, helicopters and much more... we don't just make covers for cars, caravans and motorcycles!

Speak to us today on 01943 864 646 or email us info@specialisedcovers.com